Assignment 2: Photo Reviews

 This man was not trying to pick the perfect picture to use. It looks as if he was on vacation and simply had a picture taken to remember a good time that he had had. I dont think that the photo is trying to be more than it is, and neither is this guy.

 This is just a typical self pic. Shes basically just saying “look at me everyone and comment on how beautiful i look while sitting in my bedroom staring at my computer screen,” enough said.

 Another self shot, although with a twist. Written on the picture is the app he used to take the picture, so clearly not much effort involved, nor does he care if people can see what he actually looks like.

 He’s a father and hes broadcasting that to everyone. Its a picture that he might have taken, but its not a typical selfie because it includes his little daughter. Any profile picture with a cute child is a good picture.

I dont know what to say about this one. He’s probably out of his mind insane. He definitely does not care what people think about him. This picture was not posed really, but it is a bit scary. All his pictures were equally as weird and very similar.


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