Readings 2: Networks and New Media

Although business and personal life should be regarded to separately, they are not. In todays business world you have to be very careful as to how you broadcast your personal life over the internet. Everything that you do, every post you make, and every picture you are tagged in can have an effect on your job. You represent your company and if you do something that makes you look bad, then it makes your company look bad too. When looking for a real job, what steps will you take to ensure you dont lose a job due to SNSes?

As far as net neutrality goes, i think it is necessary for the internet and internet service providers to remain neutral and not discriminate against the content that is out there, no matter what it is. In the article about the online anorexia videos, the statement from Youtube says, “Our community controls the content on the site and they’re the ones (not us) who flag content they deem inappropriate,” and i think they are exactly right. If you think that a video is inappropriate, you can flag it and it will be reviewed; but for Youtube to have to prescreen every one of they’re millions of uploads would just be ridiculous. If someone thinks a video on Youtube or an article on another website, or anything else is inappropriate on the internet, simply dont watch/read/look at it and move on. What could be the next thing to be regulated if the government ever got rid of net neutrality?


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