Readings 7: Privacy, Surveillance, + Exhibitionism

Jennifer Ringley took part in the early stages of live webcams in the late 90s and was one of the first people to be streaming their entire lives over the internet. This new art form was entertaining to a lot of people seeing how she showed everything over her webcam including nudity and sexual relations. She took a form of art that anyone with a computer and a webcam can do and made a living out of it receiving up to 4 million viewers daily. Would you ever want your life to be broadcasted over the internet for everyone to view?

Technology might have taken it too far when it comes to posting a location on pictures. As described in “Web Photos That Reveal Secrets, Like Where You Live,” Twitter photos can contain a geotag which includes the longitude and latitude of where the photo is taken. Most people dont know about this, and this can cause danger. In a situation like Adam Savage’s where he posted a photo and said he was off to work, someone who now knows where you live and that your not home could come break into your house. I didn’t know that these geotags were that specific but i know that I do not have locations on my twitter account. After learning this information how cautious will you be when it comes to location services on social media sites?

I think people who would give their password to their boyfriend or girlfriend are just creepy. I guess its a personal thing that i dont want anyone especially a significant other being able to keep that close track of everything that i do. Even the part of just giving out a password,  because me as well as other people i know and im sure many other people have the same password for most if not everything. To have to then go ahead and change your password for email, facebook, twitter, bank account, computer login, etc. would just be an unnecessary hassel that i know i would not want to have to do. In what circumstances would you ever share a password with someone?

I think it is amazing as stated in “Upending Anonymity, These Days the Web Unmasks Everyone” that with the use of todays technology anyone in a single photo or video that goes up on the web can be identified. No matter what the photo is, there is someone that would be able to identify you. In the Vancouver riots many people were convicted of crimes because of being identified in amateur photos and videos that had been taken. How would you feel if you have been convicted of a crime because you were identified in an amateur  photograph that was taken?


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