Readings 9: Technology, Intelligence, and the Body

The cyborg article by Donna Harraway seems both cartoonish and extremely futuristic at the same time. To take a living being and inject it with certain materials in order to alter the chemical compound the change the being as a whole is an aspect of God, and something that i dont think humans should play around with. Not only is doing on animals wrong, but it will get to the point of transforming humans and making the super soldiers, and then who knows what is next. Would you want to live in a world where cyborg super soldiers are waling around?

In the article about second life, it tells the story of a man who has become so obsessed in the game, that he’s gotten married in the game, while he still has a real human wife in the real world. I think that that it would actually be considered cheating on his wife, but it is the same concept as if a husband is texting other women and never doing anything with them. I think for the most part that its just really creepy being in a fictional relationship like that on an online role-playing game.

In Korea, they have boot camps to battle internet addiction for young children. These children are put through military style activities and obstacle courses and gets it drilled into their heads to break the addiction. Boot camps are simply not the answer to break these addictions. They are a more physical rehab center, and even rehab seems over the top for internet addiction.

I think the 3-D Avatar article by John Tierney is very interesting and plausible. What the scientists are talking about doing with avatar technology seams so futuristic and almost not feasible, yet they say we could be doing it within the next 5 years. Also if they made changing the settings and features as easy as it makes it sound, that would not be a benefit. Its all great concepts and ideas but i cant possibly see it ever coming fully together; t least not in our lifetime. How could society benefit from entire classes of students and even teachers not going to class and it just being simulated instead?


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