Readings 10: Photography and Lying

In the article “I Was There. Just Ask Photoshop” Alex Williams explains how a women had a friend remove her ex-husband from all of their vacation and other memorable photos over the span of a 12 year marriage. This is extreme, no matter how you want to remember the memories and who was there, you will always know in the back of your mind that “he” was there on vacation with you. In the other cases where missing family members were inserted into a family wedding photo, it is nice to say that everyone is there, and in a few years no one might even remember who was there or not. In the case where the woman had her dead father photoshopped into a picture with her because they didnt have any together. Not to sound mean, but if they went a whole lifetime and have no pictures together, why now?

I think the proposed law by the french politician that would require a mark on all altered photographs is a good idea. These images are giving the public, especially young girls, a skewed view on how people should. Young children do not need to have their minds poisoned thinking this is the way that they should look and with a warning on the photo, it would make them think twice. Similarly, in Berlin, adbusting is being done by the FTW crew in an attempt to show that these ads have been manipulated. The FTW crew is adding large stickers of photoshop’s interface panels and making the image look like its on a computer screen being altered with photoshop. This adbusting by FTW crew is genius and it would be great to see more things like this around. There is also research being done in Dartmouth University to develop a computer software that will be able to tell how much a photo has been altered. This software will use an algorithm and rate a photo on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being most altered.

In “The Photoshop Effect” video Tim Lynch takes us through a typical photo shoot and he he goes from the camera to the computer to touch up the pictures he just took. He goes on to explain how he would estimate that 99.9% of photos in a magazine are altered and that some celebrities have someone on their staff who alters all their photos. Similar to that, H&M has admitted that they use digitally altered bodies and paste real heads onto the bodies in order to best display their clothes.

In the “Body by Victoria” piece, the author was able to explain how he/she was able to break down the image and see exactly where the photo had been manipulated. He showed different image analysis and other photo gradients that contained certain clues that made it clear a photo had been manipulated.



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