Readings 11: Games and Stories

The Keitai shosetsu that the Japanese people can write on their cellphones and upload onto the internet is a great use of technology and use of spare time and the cell phone. The writers can simply type a novel on they’re phone, upload it, and if its good enough it can get printed as a paper book. Although very creative, i feel that it would be easier and probably quicker if the writers were to just type the novels up on they’re computer. A cell phone is small and you can only use two fingers to type where as a computer you can use all ten fingers and it is typically easier to type especially with a larger keyboard and screen.

The We Tell Stories site is an interesting site in how you can witness the story being written live every night. I really enjoyed the format of how “Your Place and Mine” was written in which it ping-ponged back and forth between the two main characters and had an interesting twist at the end of it. If all the stories share similar format or even share a similar surprise twist as this one did i would definitely read them also.

The Hamlet facebook posts and the history of the world according to facebook statuses, are pretty creative ideas. They are simple and really convey exactly what had happened in Hamlet and throughout history, respectively. These facebook posts help you learn about what happened in quick small posts. I have also see one called NFL QB’s on Facebook where every week a fake facebook status is posted by one QB and all the other ones comment based on their performance that week.

I think that “The Future of Publishing” video is very true in which the first time through can be seen as how the older generation thinks our generation views society and culture and in some cases is true. And as the girl reads back in reverse order she tells of what a part of the generation feels and what it should feel. As she read through the first time i didnt get it because she was making herself look ignorant and stupid. But when she began to read it backwords, it all started to make sense and she reassured us that this generation is not lost and is concerned with real world problems.

I think video games for girls is just weird to begin with, and just as the models in magazines make the girls think they need to be super thin to be liked, these video games are sending the same kind of message in a different way. These games are teaching girls that they need a boyfriend, or that they need to dress better in order to be happy. I think these are horrible lessons to be teaching impressionable teens and i would not want my children to be playing games these if they are going to believe that thats how your supposed to live.

Machinima is the use of 3D graphics in video games and other avatar-based platforms to create short films. Machinimists, as they are called, edit and render filmed scenes. I have no opinion really on machinima. Its a cool aspect of 3D graphic cinematography in the way someone can play the game, film it, edit it, and then have a completely different movie than the original game that they played.

Although IBM completed a study in which they proved that MMORPG can help develop good leadership and task management skills, i dont believe that it is worth theyre time to have their workers play these games at work. I do agree that theyre study produced accurate statistics but i also feel that real life scenarios would help create better leadership skills too; because again, its a game and my little brother could play it and be good at it, but theres no way he’s leading a team in a major corporation.


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